June 13, 2024 Devotional

Stop trusting in man, who has but a breath in his nostrils. Of what account is he? – Isaiah 2:22

“I’m only human!” We hear that cry from others or maybe we’ve said it ourselves. It usually comes out when we bump up against our limited time, skill, or patience. We tend to wear many hats of responsibility, whether it’s in the church, in our family, or in the community. Basically, we’re acknowledging that we have only so many hours in a day, experiences, capacity, or strength. Often, it leads us into frustration, disappointment, and can even lead to anger. We think, in that moment, that having limits is a weakness. To God, however, it’s a call to humility and sober judgment about how He made us and what He wants us to do for Him.

The prophet Isaiah warned the people of God to get rid of the arrogance and pride they were exhibiting in their own abilities to make themselves holy and righteous. God (through Isaiah) was reminding the people that they were mere mortals. He called their attention to the fact that He is God and they are not. In fact, if you read the whole chapter of Isaiah 2, you’ll find a list of things that God can and will do that humans cannot. It’s a pretty stark wake-up call.

The fact that you and I are mere humans can be, for us, a source of frustration. We must admit that we can’t do everything. We, especially, can’t save ourselves from the punishment for our sin. And while Jesus was also human, He was not MERELY human. He is also fully God at the same time. That mind-blowing characteristic of Jesus is what allows us to bow before Him and let Him have control of our lives. For His mission. For His salvation. For His love and guidance. We are of no account, compared to Jesus! Yet, we are of full account to Him! Praise be to God!

This week, take time to give thanks to God for all the ways He has called you to serve Him in your family, your church, and your community. Acknowledge Jesus’ amazing power to sanctify you through the Spirit’s infilling of grace in the times when you are overwhelmed. And as you minister to God and others in the moment, may the joy of the Lord fill you to overflowing for Him and the Kingdom!